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10 Pack Gently Used Buddi Cotton Fitted Diapers



**Please note these diapers have plenty of life left in them, but they have been used in rotation in our diaper service. They may show some wear or have light staining, but are perfectly usable diapers that will last a long time


Buddi Fitted diapers are trusted throughout the diaper industry as a durable, low cost, reliable diaper, that is easy to clean, and will last hundreds (thousands) of diaper changes.


Made with the finest cotton, hemp, and Sherpa available, these super soft, super absorbent fitted diapers are designed to be easy to use, and to fit babies of all sizes. Elastic legs and waist with adjustable snap closures ensure a snug comfortable fit.


The fitted sizes ensure that baby will always have a trim diaper, that is not too bulky, while still providing maximum absorbency. This makes it a great regular use, and nighttime diaper.


These diapers are designed to withstand the rigors of diaper service laundering so you are sure to get lots of life out of them.


Made in Canada



Newborn: 3-8lbs

Small: 7-13lbs

Med: 12-22lbs

Large: 20-30lbs

XL: 30-46lbs

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