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evanie“Thanks again a million times for the help you’ve been. My cloth experience would have been much different if I hadn’t found you as a resource and I’m so grateful. As it is, the transition hasn’t even made a bump in the routine!”

madeleine“Thought that you may enjoy this – she is snuggling up to some clean/ soft diapers while enjoying the outdoors.

The service that you provide has been wonderful”

claire“It’s a no brainer, you just put out the bag of dirty diapers once a week and they drop off a bag of clean ones… what could be easier?!”

matthew“Using Tidy Tushees Diaper Service allows me to go eco friendly without the stress of more time in the laundry room. The diapers and liners are well made and my son is happy with a natural bottom cover. It is fabulous knowing they are a click or a call away when I need other related diapering products. Thank you Tidy Tushees for the exceptional customer service, and the quality of the cloth diaper products delivered to my door.”

david2“When you think about it, diapers are a big part of caring for a baby. I am so grateful to have connected with Tidy Tushees right from their start. The products and service are fantastic! Any diapering issues we’ve had, from odor, to leaks, to a squirmy wiggle worm, Tidy Tushees has been there with great ideas and solutions that have really worked for us. I am so happy with our cloth diapers! Even as a busy, working mom, I can honestly say (thanks to Tidy Tushees) that cloth diapers are as easy as disposables, and the benefits are endless! Thank you for your dedication to parents, babies and the cause of cloth diapers.”

adelaide“We love Tidy Tushees! It is so convenient and easy and we love that only natural safe products are against our baby Adelaide’s skin. Tidy Tushees goes above and beyond, making extra deliveries for us when we ran out one weekend and when we went out of town. We know that Tidy Tushees truly cares and is passionate about the service she provides and love that we can trust all of her products. We have already recommended Tidy Tushees to friends!”

fiona“Tidy Tushees is SO amazing – I don’t see Tidy Tushees as a “business”, I see Tidy Tushees as a fellow Mom. She is such a good resource, willing to go the full nine yards to help me with cloth diapering – both through her diaper service and selling cloth diapers.”

jude“Just wanted to let you know we think you and your business are awesome and great for our community! Thanks for enabling us to keep Judes baby skin on his tushee so soft.”

elinor“We have been delighted with Tidy Tushees. It is everything a great business should be – professional, knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and run by just a genuinely great person. Tidy Tushees is totally committed to making your experience with cloth diapers as smooth as possible and every detail is taken care of. The diapers have excellent absorbency and couldn’t be easier to use. We’ve had to use a combo of disposable and cloth as we are out of town a lot, and there is no comparison – we have way less blow-outs and leaks with the cloth, and our daughter’s skin stays healthy and rash free. We also love Tidy Tushees’ commitment to using natural, eco-friendly and small business made products wherever possible. We’ve since left Kelowna and had to switch diaper services and the new service pales in comparison. In fact, we are making the switch to doing cloth ourselves, and Tidy Tushees is acting as a consultant for us in the process.Thanks Tidy Tushees!”


“Tidy Tushees does a fabulous job at keeping the business exciting, current, and committed to reducing diaper pressure on landfills! We have been customers since Neko was a few weeks old and the service was owned by somebody else. When Tidy Tushees took it over, it was completely re-branded, and gave it a very fresh and energetic new start – with lots of complimentary products, an informative and educational website, and just now, Tidy Tushees is starting to do cloth diapering workshops in the community as well. Tidy Tushees embraces the spirit of philanthropy with lots of different corporate giving mini-campaigns, and the basic business obviously carries a set of social/environmental values.”