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Laundry Tarts Detergent

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45/90* Loads of laundry *Energy efficient machines use 1/3 less water and therefor, less soap is required and you receive more laundry loads per bag.


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate,Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Sea Salt, Rosemary Extract,

Saponified Canola and Coconut oil, Phthalate Free fragrances, Essential Oils, Plant extracts and Absolutes.



For small loads use 2 tbsp. For medium to large loads, use 4 tbsp.

For heavy or stubborn stains, soak for 1 hr or make a paste with water and scrub lightly with natural bristle scrubbing pad.



Energy efficient machines use 1/3 less water than traditional top loaders making them better for the environment by saving water and less energy.

Less water means less soap.

Use 1 tbsp for small loads and 2 tbsp for med-large loads.

If needed, dissolve detergent in ¼ cup of warm water for machines requiring liquid detergents.

Caution: Do not overload your machine with heavily soiled items; doing so may require an additional rinse for proper soap and water dispersal.

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