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Laundry Tarts Strip It


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The Laundry Tarts Strip it! Pre-treatment formula is a pre-treatment powder safe for all water types and fabrics.


Formulated to strip your garments of unwanted odors and residues, you can also brighten your whites, linens, undergarments, tablecloths dingy duds and carpet stains!


Works especially fantastic for ammonia and odor causing bacteria, cloth diaper users and pet urine stains!


This product is amazing for stinky, mildew and moldy dishrags, cloths and towels!


There are many factors that can interrupt your laundry routine! If you have soft water, if you use too much detergent, if your machine does not produce enough water for sufficient rinsing, if you have buildup in your washer drum, if you have heavy soiling with set stains or switching detergents can sometimes require a bit of troubleshooting.


Especially with cloth diapers, even the transition of different foods can change the ph balance of your washing cycle and cause a change in routine.


Sometimes, we all need something to get rid of smells, stains and bring our garments back to life that might otherwise be doomed.

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