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RLR Laundry Treatment


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Laundry Treatment is often recommended as an occasional treatment (1-2 monthly) to cure stinky, leaking diapers. Due to its ability to deep clean fibers, RLR is going to eliminate built up minerals, detergent, and ammonia and works especially well for those struggling with hard water!


It can be used with all of your laundry to get whites whiter and brights brighter. As always please check with your diaper manufacturer prior to use in order to avoid any warranty issues. The main ingredient in RLR is pure sodium carbonate, but this is a much stronger concentrate than standard washing soda. This is not the same as what you might find in a grocery store, but a similar strength to what a swimming pool service may supply to increase the pH of water. It is phosphate-free, free of fragrance, non-polluting and biodegradable.


Directions for use: Open package and empty directly on dry or wet laundry in washing machine.


Wash as usual with detergent, softener, etc. as desired. RLR can also be used for handwashing of one or two small pieces of clothing-just use a small amount in a basin of water. Net Wt. 1.35 oz.