Super Undies Hybrid Intro

Super Undies Training Pants System




Comes with everything you need for 3 potty changes. 1 Cover and 3 inserts.


Check out this dynamic two-toned piece of potty training goodness with its replaceable inserts, perfectly manicured construction, multi-sized, one size fits most design – and you’ll see why we’re so excited…


The New Super Undies Hybrid Potty Training Pants…


  • Comes with 3 cotton inserts
  • Can be pulled up or down by any hero Snaps off in the event your hero begins leaking kryptonite
  • Can be used multiple times between washes
  • Saves lots of green over disposables
  • Saves trees
  • Looks not only like underwear, but really cool super hero kind!
  • Can stand the rigors of… dun dun dun… NAPTIME!
  • Fits nice and trim Has an outstandingly neat appearance
  • Can hold multiple inserts for longer car trips or nighttime
  • Fits most toddlers 20-35 lbs


Dude! This thing is like a super weapon ready to defeat the villainous disposable butt-mop union single-handedly!

But it’s tough enough, and gentle enough, to make your little super hero feel wet and potty train faster.

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