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With so many options out there for cloth diapers we highly recommend that all families considering buying and washing cloth diapers on their own utilize a try Before You Buy Program prior to purchasing their stash of diapers. Not only does this program give you the change to ensure that cloth diapering is right for your family, but it also lets you try a variety of cloth diapers that we sell to see which one is your favorite.

Many websites will tell you to purchase a number of different diapers and try them out to see what you like best. This results in a huge unnecessary upfront cost. At Tidy Tushees we make choosing cloth diapering easy by letting you test, before you invest.

At Tidy Tushees we believe that in order to be successful at cloth diapering you need to start with a product that allows you to be successful. That is why we only sell high quality diapers. Most of our products are Canadian made, and we do not support overseas diaper brands that use fair trade labour practices. We can provide you with independent reviews on all of our products.

How it Works

You get to try out all of our different styles and types of diapers for 2 weeks. We include the diapers, detergents, and instructions on how to use the diapers. Depending on what we have in stock, you get between 10-15 diapers in the trial. We drop them off and pick them up, and we can provide help along the way.


The program only costs $20.00. That’s way less than what you would have spent on disposables during that same time. If you purchase at a minimum of $150 diapers at the end of the trial you can use the $20.00 as a credit back. There is also a $150.00 deposit that we hold until the diapers are returned. We do not process this deposit if the diapers are returned.


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    **In order to participate in our diaper trial program you must have a non smoking home. This package must be paid for by credit card. If any products are damaged due to negligence, your credit card will be charged for the cost of the item needing to be replaced. By purchasing the trial, you are agreeing to these terms.