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How to Use Our Fitted Cloth Service Diapers


How to Use Our Fitted Cloth Service Diapers

  • Tidy Tushess fitted cloth service diapers are easy to use, and should be just as convenient as disposable diapers. If you are ever having issues with fit, or leaking please contact us. We are here to help.
  • Diapers should be changed every 2 hours, or as necessary if little one has soiled the diaper.
  • Tidy Tushees is considered a modern cloth diaper service because we offer a high quality cotton fitted diaper system. This provides the highest quality, most reliable cloth diaper available. Our diapers are a 2 (or 3) piece diaper system.
  1. Cotton Diaper layer that goes against babies skin

    • Tag goes to the outside on the back (it should be sticking out in the back), and is held in place with snaps around babies waist.
    • Diaper should be snug, but not overly tight. Elastic lines in the skin similar to what you would see with tight socks are fine. If these lines are deep and red the diaper is too tight.
    • There are 2 snaps on each side. The diaper will still work with only 1 snap done up, but it would be getting close to time to change size of diaper.
    • This layer is designed to absorb over the entire diaper so don’t worry if the entire diaper is wet. This means that the diaper is working properly. If there is any pooling of moisture in the diaper or against baby’s skin then more frequent changes or using a liner may be necessary.
  2. Water resistant cover

    • The cover goes over the cotton diaper and prevents moisture from getting out of the diaper system. Covers are made from a water resistant, but breathable material to help keep your little one at a good temperature. This means that water can pass through the cover if over saturated. If this happens more frequent changes are required.
    • The covers are yours to wash so do not put them into your dirty diaper bag. If we do get them back in the bag we will try to return them back to you. If you think you returned one please let us know as we might not know whose it was.
    • There are no special washing instructions for the covers. They can be washed with your regular laundry with the same detergents that you use to wash your little one’s clothes. You can put them in the dryer, but they will hang dry very quickly. If the cover is only slightly damp you can run it under water in the sink and hang to dry. You can usually get 4-5 light soiling’s from each cover before giving it a full wash. When it starts to stink it is time to wash.
    • Most people use between 4-6 covers. The cover may not need to be changed with every diaper change. If it is a light soiling you may not even need to run it under water to clean it.
  3. Additional liner for added absorbency

    • If required we also provide additional inserts that lay inside the diaper against baby’s skin that add a boost to the amount of absorbency in the diaper. Some people never use them, and some people use one with every diaper change. There is no additional cost for us to provide them. We recommend starting out using them during nap times to get a little more absorbency from the diaper.
    • These liners go into the dirty diaper bag with the diapers.
    • There are many different styles of liners that we use, but you will get to recognize them quickly.

Hopefully this explains how to use our fitted cloth diaper system.