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How To Make Diaper Change Time Fun

Who says diaper changes have to be a chore? At Tidy Tushees we want to make changing diapers a positive, fun experience. We know that sometimes changing diapers can be difficult, but don’t give up. YOU GOT THIS!


Here are some tips to help make diaper change time, a fun time.

  1. Sing to them – Your baby doesn’t care if you are a great singer, they just love to hear your voice.
  2. Give them a toy to play with – distraction can be your friend for babies that don’t want to wait for the new diaper to be put on.
  3. Develop a routine – babies love routine as it allows them to adapt and cope with daily activities in a stress free environment. The routine does not have to be ridged, but it should be familiar.
  4. Use diaper change time as bonding time – After the mess is cleaned up, use this time with baby as a calming moment in a busy day to share time with baby.
  5. Make sure the diaper is working correctly – If you are struggling with performance of the diaper you are not going to look forward change time. If you are experiencing leaks, or things just do not seem to be working properly, please let us know. We are here to help. It is pretty rare that we cannot find a solution.


On average babies will go through about 8000 diapers before potty training, so make that 8000 happy times with baby. Also congratulate yourself for using cloth diapers, because with disposables, on average babies go through 10,000+ diapers because of delayed potty training. YOU GOT THIS!


Tidy Tushees is the Okanagan’s only cloth diaper service and is the number 1 resource for cloth diapers. For more information or to set up a free in home consultation please contact:


Jaclyn and Tyler Jaeger